“Origami” originally comes from two Japanese words “oru” (folding) and “kami” (paper). While many cultures have a history of paper folding, since the 60’s “origami” has taken root in popular culture across the world as the chosen term when talking about paper crafts. Origami has many different meanings to traditionalists, artists, hobbyists and more recently mathematicians; however, fundamentally all these groups that deal with origami realize one thing: it’s fun to create!

I discovered paper folding at a fairly young age, 4 or 5 years old, and was always amazed by process of transformation. However, learning origami was a slow journey for me because I didn’t always have access to the information and tools I needed in order to grow… I could never find enough books about origami. When I found the books, it was sometimes hard to read and understand the diagrams. When I could understand how to make the folds, I didn’t have the right origami paper… Well I’m glad to say I never gave up on my interest and love for origami. This website is a response to all the hoops I had to climb through just to learn something fun. I hope this site helps make your own journey with origami that much more enjoyable.