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patterns: 15 different folds related to various animals. They all look great, and they’re all original (not traditional folds that have been around for decades or centuries).

notes: 15 different origami designs might not sound like a lot, but some of these are particularly challenging and may take you a while to build up the skill to fold them. This book does a decent job of using color, though not all diagrams are in color. The book also covers other information related to origami like selecting the right paper and even making your own paper – great information for people starting to get a bit more serious about their origami.

level / rating: Like the title suggests, this book is for advanced folders or intermediates looking for a challenge and opportunity to grow their skills. I wish there were slightly more designs included, but overall this is a great book for those looking to take it to the next level

patterns: 37 different origami animal diagrams.

notes: This book has some very life-like folds from all over the animal kingdom – insects, crustaceans, reptiles, birds, mammals, marine mammals and even a mythical animal for good measure. Sadly, all the diagrams in the book are in black and white. The book also covers a little bit of back story on paper selection and the development of modern origami. It also starts with a great “picture glossary” of various folds and their official names. I often refer back to this section of the book and use it extensively as a resource.

level / rating: there are a couple folds that intermediates could make in this book, but then it quickly gets to the tough stuff – which is amazingly realistic and very rewarding when you finally get it. Color diagrams might make the diagrams a little easier to follow in some instances, but it’s not a necessity. 37 very cool diagrams make this a great value for upper level skilled intermediates looking to move on to an advanced level.

patterns: 22 different folds – all very realistic and advanced.

notes: Origami legend / rock star Dr. Robert Lang introduces the advanced concept of using crease patterns to describe how to fold an origami design. He also covers mathematical principles behind designing and modifying crease patterns. Very thorough and detailed color (brown and light brown) diagrams with color pictures of final products.

level / rating: This is high level stuff and I’ll admit a lot of it is beyond my abilities right now. This is not necessarily for people who are good at origami and like it, but for design / engineer types who want to understand theories behind developing origami patterns. This is a great resource, but only for the serious student who is willing to put in time thinking and practicing.

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