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Here are a few origami books (and one calendar) of different levels and topics. If you don’t find something you like please use the search tool at the bottom of the page.

patterns: 100+ These calendars usually have a new fold every weekday, and one for the weekend. Some patterns have more than one part and take up multiple days. While there are many patterns, some are great and some are blah

notes: Each calendar day is a square piece of paper which is to be folded into the day’s pattern. If you want to save some directions you may need to skip a day or two. The paper included has some nice patterns and bright colors but it is glossy magazine-style paper. This tears fairly easily and sometimes the color smudges. Good for practice paper.

level / rating: Over all, pretty good for beginners. Mostly boring with a few treasures for intermediates. Don’t bother for advanced folders.

patterns: 15 flowers, 3 leaves, 5 arrangements. Some of these flowers look great, and others a bit contrived. The book does an OK job of using color photos and written directions to explain how to fold different flowers.

notes: This is a kit that comes with it’s own paper – some for the different flowers and some for the leaves, stems and even grass to be used in the arrangements. The paper has some very cool patterns on both sides of the paper – i.e. the front is a different pattern from the back! This is a very nice touch and quite uncommon when it comes to origami paper. With that said, it’s extremely disappointing that the paper is wood pulp based – i.e. regular paper and not rice or mulberry pulp like most quality origami papers. Because it’s wood pulp based, this paper will tear more easily than real origami paper. You can still use it, you’ll just need to be careful – I use the paper in my 4 petal lotus video

level / rating: This has folds for beginners and intermediates… and maybe a couple that might be a challenge for intermediates. I really love the patterns on the paper and give this a positive recommendation because of it… even though it’s wood pulp paper – just be careful when you’re folding.

patterns: 32 different folds for beginners.

notes: This book has mostly traditional (by traditional I mean non copyrighted and free) folds… including a couple that I’ve made videos for like the sailboat. Why would I recommend it then? Two reasons: (1.) If you’re really interested in origami, you should eventually learn how to read origami diagrams, and this book (or the calendar above) is a pretty good place to start learning (2.) It’s a dirt cheap resource – would make a good gift for someone who might be interested in origami.

level / rating: Pretty good for beginners, but beginners only. This book and a pack of paper would make a great gift for someone interested in origami.

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