Origami Store

Origami Paper: a selection of traditional square papers with lots of colors and/or patterns and different textures
(updated: July 9, 2010)

Origami Books: beginner, intermediate and advanced resources to build your origami skills
| Page 1 | Page 2 | (updated: July 16, 2010)

Alternative Paper: non-traditional paper that could be used for origami and other paper crafts (coming soon!)

Miscellaneous Supplies: various tools and what-not that I use for modifying my origami and paper crafts (updated: August 7, 2010)

** I decided to post this origami store because people frequently ask me where to buy origami paper and some of the other things I’ve mentioned on my website.  The stores all link to amazon.com for 2 reasons:

  1. that is where I buy most of my supplies – they have a good selection, decent prices and I commonly get gift certificates to amazon.com from friends and family.  When I have an origami emergency and just can’t wait for supplies to mailed to me, I generally go to Michael’s craft store.
  2. I’ve signed up with Amazon Associates – that means when you click one of the Amazon links on my page and then make a purchase, I get a small credit from amazon.com.

I don’t anticipate getting rich from the store; however, this site does cost me money and it takes a LOT of my time – so it’d be nice to make a little money from the site.  Thanks for your consideration.