Sparrow / Twitter Bird

This instructional video shows you how to make an origami sparrow based on Perry Bailey’s design. You can view the pdf here. I say that my bird is based on Perry’s design because I couldn’t actually make the head according to Perry’s directions, so I figured something out on my own… also according to Perry’s diagram, the head of the bird would be a different color if you used two sided paper like I do in the video… the method I worked out keeps everything the same color. Perry designed the sparrow in 2000, but who knew it would end up looking very simliar to the Twitter bird logo years later 😉

[singlepic id=460 w=320 h=240 float=center]
– one square sheet of paper

5 thoughts on “Sparrow / Twitter Bird

  1. Hi,
    I wasn't sure where to leave you a general comment or request, so I hope you don't mind I do it here. I love your videos, I think they really are the clearest origami tutorials out there, and you have a lot of variety.

    I was hoping you could add an Android origami tutorial to the mix ;] I have an Android obsessed friend whose birthday is coming up. I was able to get the diagram, but I'm not very good at following them, and I'm totally frustrated.

    I got the diagram here:

    • Hmmm… this Android is pretty cool, but a little more complex than the stuff I normally make. I'll try to make it this weekend… if it comes out ok, I'll post a video in a couple weeks.

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