Site Update – July 18

Finished Projects:

Well most of the heavy lifting is finally done. I reposted the majority of the origami how to videos I’ve done over the last year and a half. I opted not to post a couple because of poor quality, but I might redo them at a later date.

The forums and groups are up and running and more people register with the site each week. The origami store is up and running – the Paper and Books sections are complete.

You still might notice slight changes in the look and feel of the site as I find better ways of presenting all things origami, but the behind the scenes changes are mostly done… thank goodness.

New Projects:

In the next few weeks, I plan on making more videos for the Modified Origami section. Don’t worry, I won’t stop doing videos on how to fold origami completely, but I will be splitting my time between folding and modifying. So what do I mean by “modifying”? Well for example, I get asked over and over – how do you make the stem on these flowers? I would post videos that showed how to make the stem and arrange the flowers in the modified origami section – I think you all will really like it once I add enough videos to give you all a feel for it.

In addition to the creation of modified origami videos, I’ll be working on more ways to you all engage and interact with I won’t go into details quite yet because things are in the very early stages yet, and I wouldn’t want to over promise. But I’ll definitely ask your input on the forum and keep you updated as I make progress.

Thanks as always for visiting the site!

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