Still Rebuilding

Thanks as always for visiting I just wanted to take a moment to update everyone on what’s been going on with the website revision process. Some of the changes are very obvious as notice the new theme for the site. Others like social features might be a little more subtle, and I’d like to take time to highlight a few features.

Site Registration is now enabled. A few of you have taken advantage of this already. Registering with the site allows for easy commenting, but also lets you join groups, post in the new origami forums, friend other registered users and message them.  Once you register with the site, you can choose to link to your facebook account.  I’m really excited about the forum – if you’re registered with the site, check it out and tell everyone your favorite origami fold.

Another new feature is the addition of an origami supplies store.  The old website had a store, but it wasn’t very well done.  I’m hoping this one is better used.  Items listed on the store are linked for purchase to  I’m still building it, but I’ve got the plans laid out and it’s coming along.  I opened the store for 2 reasons:  (1.) to help visitors find origami supplies like paper – by far the number 1 question people ask me is “where do you get origami paper?”  (2.) while I’m not selling the supplies, I do get a very small percentage of the sale paid to me from if you buy from the links on my site – having a website isn’t free, and while I’m not looking to get rich from the store, it’d be nice if I could make a little money to help pay for things.

Other changes include the Gallery, which is quite popular and better organized video posts.  I’m about 40% done with re-posting the old videos, and as I do so I’m re-tagging everything and including a picture of the finished product so you get to see what you’ll be making before watching the video.

I still have ideas for new things to improve the site and user experience as the summer revision continues.  I’d love to hear what you think and your suggestions.  Please comment below or add your thoughts to the forums after registering.

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