MIA Update

Howdy, all visitors! I want to apologize for not updating the site with a new video for over 3 weeks now. Work has been incredibly busy for the last month, and I see no change for at least another 2 or 3 weeks! 🙁 On top of how busy work keeps me, I’m taking an online class that really eats up my time on weekends… I don’t know what I was thinking. And if that wasn’t enough, I got a pretty bad blister on my left thumb a couple weeks ago, and then I cut my left hand and then I cut my right thumb – all of these made folding paper a little awkward and uncomfortable… But fret not. I promise I will post a new video this weekend.

Big thanks to everyone who visits and enjoys the site. BIG BIG thanks to Bruce for replying to some of the comments people left when I was too busy to reply these last few weeks. That was really awesome, Bruce. I owe you one.

Look for the new video to be posted around 12:00 EST Sunday (Oct. 24)… that’s about 17:00 GMT for my international visitors. In the mean time, check out this crazy cool article about some scientists at Arizona State University folding “origami” with DNA.

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  1. I even tried it at home. It has done the same thing? I am not sure why it is doing that on this end. I see people are still registering, but for some reason I can't

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