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It’s that season again – back to school. Some areas have already started, while others will be starting in the next 3 weeks or so. Whether you’re the one going back to school or possibly it’s someone you know going back to school, this time of year signifies the close of “laid back” summer vacations and “back to work” autumn.

I’ll be gone on one of my last summer road trips this weekend so I apologize, but no time to make a new video. Instead, I offer this collection of videos to help make going back to school / work a little more palatable, and perhaps even fun.

Pencil Holders for your desk:

Pencil Holder Pencil Holder (2 cups)

Both these pencil holders can hold a fair amount of pencils and other things like a short ruler, small pair of scissors and more. They’re great for your desk at home or work… maybe not so great on your school desk though. If you’re feeling very generous, and your teacher seems deserving, I’m sure your teacher would appreciate one of these pencil holders as a gift.

Origami Boxes for your stuff:

You can make any number of paper boxes for holding small office supplies like paper clips, erasers, or staples.

Disc Covers for your CDs, DVDs or games:

recycling pages from a magazine to make a CD case
Disc Cover

I know people probably don’t use CD’s that much any more, but I do find reason every once in a while to have to burn stuff onto a disc and share it with my co-workers. As you get to see your friends at school again, you might want to share a movie or video game with your buddy. Well Make sure your discs don’t get scratched up by using these Disc Covers.

Updated August 29, 2010

Booklets: These work great for making quick to do lists or brochures for school projects.

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