Pencil Holder

This origami video shows you how to make a pencil holder from the waterbomb base. You could of course use this to hold whatever can fit in it… I’ve actually used it as a “vase” to hold origami flowers that I’ve made.

[singlepic id=431 w=320 h=240 float=center]

– 1 sheet of paper (8 inch square / ~20 cm square or more for best results)

14 thoughts on “Pencil Holder

  1. I made one, and when I put a pen in it, the pencil holder fell down.I made it with cloth paper.Does that make a difference?PLEASE REPLY!

  2. Hey guys, to keep the pencil stand from toppling over, you can place a heavy weight in it first (such as a magnet or box of staple pins) and then put your pens in it. To give it additional strength you can make it out of two sheets of paper folded instead of one!

  3. I’m looking for instructions for making a “V” shaped container. Make an odd # of them (3 or 5) and hook them together to themselves so they will stand. The op ones hold pens small ruler, bone folder, etc. Saw a video and made it, but cannot find the video again and do not know what they called it.

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