Paper Cup

This origami video shows you how to make a simple paper cup that you can actually drink out of… for a few minutes at least.
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When people find out that I do origami, they almost always ask me for one of three folds: paper cup, paper crane or a cootie-catcher (also called a fortune teller). So here I’ve made a video for a paper cup.

If you want to be “green” you can cut squares from old mail-order catalogs or magazines. This type of paper will be slightly more water resistant than regular office paper or origami paper. These cups won’t last long anyhow, so it’s a good idea to reuse those magazines to make these. Word to the wise, if you want to actually drink out of this paper cup, use two or three cups or line your cup with something waterproof, like plastic (from a sandwich bag) or aluminum foil.


– 1 paper cup (glossy paper holds water best / longest)

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