X-Wing Fighter

This origami video shows you how to make an X-Wing fighter from the frog base. I made this video with permission from Philip Schulz who designed this fold. More of his Star Wars origami diagrams can be seen on his website.

Frog Base: you will need to start with this base

wait-a-minute... that's no moon!


– 1 square sheet of paper

6 thoughts on “X-Wing Fighter

  1. Right now I have something called "The Great Frog War" and I use these jumping frogs(other than the ones on your site) and I use paper planes, tanks, I use boats as warships, and I make these things called "transports ( they aren't origami) and they're triangles with a cockpit which I tape a frog in and it can hold about 8 frogs and a tank or these tents I make (pure origami) and you can fit 2 of those or one of those and a tank.

    • Bob, since your comment doesn't really apply to the x-wing video above, it would be better if you register with the site and post this to your profile page or start a thread in the forum for it. That way you could post pictures or links to stuff that you've made or like.

  2. Sorry Josey, its just that I want to make sure you see these comments so I put them randomly around everywhere-I guess I'm just thinking that you don't really take too much time to look around the whole site because its so big.

  3. That was a great video about the x-wing fighter.I tried a improvement on the front to make it look like a cannon or front gun. It looked great!

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