This video shows you how to make a cool little origami tank (the kind that blows stuff up). It’s very similar to a spaceship fold that I’ve made a video for. It takes one sheet of rectangular paper (notebook or printer papers works fine) and another smaller sheet (about the size of a post-it note if you’re using 8.5” x 11” paper). I used make tons of these things and wage little wars on my desk in school.


– 1 rectangular sheet of paper (copy paper, printer paper, office paper, 8.5×11, A4, newspaper)

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  1. Hey guys I'm back! I was the "Bob" dude. I kinda forgot the thing but anyways, the site looks great! I haven't been here for a longgggg time and I'm amazed at the new site looks. I LOVE THE NEW BOATS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm back! I like the new videos. By the way, if you didn't know, it is really easy to find this site. I ended up forgetting the name, so I searched "how to make an origami spaceship". I looked at the YouTube results, and I found the video that you posted (the desc. was familiar to me). Then I just watched like 5 seconds of it, and I went straight here to fold some new stuff!


  3. I made my own version of the tank, and i think my looks a little bit beter, but its still the creators idea, i just made some upgrades, and now looks like an Anti-Tank spg.

    • Lol, I have made about 2 other versions too. One of them I consider an assault gun, the other a self propelled artillery gun, and I also use the normal design as a tank.

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