This origami video shows how to make what I call an orchid flower… really it’s something I made by mistake when first learning to make an origami lily / iris. You’ll need to start from the frog base.

update: Learn how to make stems for your flowers


– 1 square sheet of paper
– pipe cleaner for stem (optional)
– floral stem wrap tape (optional)

7 thoughts on “Orchid

  1. I thought that was very good bu when it came to the last step of folding in the paper with no white easier if you fold it he opposite way you did it. It looks much prettier too.

  2. Hey, i’m using a mobile device for internet, but I can’t play videos at all, would you mind posting steps and pictures so that way I could learn, because I’ve been looking for hours, and the only most useful result I’ve found was in Japanese, and that wasn’t that useful. Thank you.

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