Lucky Stars from Scratch

This instructional video shows you how to make origami lucky stars by cutting your own paper. While you can buy the strips of paper needed to make these 3D stars, I much prefer cutting my own strips. Obviously it’s cheaper, but this way I also get to determine what color / patter the paper will be and also I can augment the size of the star.

To cut your own paper, you can use a paper cutter or a ruler with a box cutter (just be careful!). For paper, you can use scrapbook paper, wrapping paper or even origami paper (if it’s long enough)… but I actually prefer to use old magazines or catalogs.

Lucky Stars from Scratch Lucky Stars in Woven Box

– Paper Cutter or Box Cutter / x-acto knife, ruler, cutting pad / cutting board
– Paper

4 thoughts on “Lucky Stars from Scratch

  1. I love working on origami lucky star and filling them inside a jar. A creative way to add cheap home decor! By the way, I am into origami making too. I have some tutorials at my site.

  2. I bought my strips of paper at a H Mart gift store(Carrollton). They also sell origami paper and jars to put your lucky stars in.

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