Lily / Iris

This origami video shows you how to make a lily – some people call this the iris. Whatever kind of flower you call it, it makes a beautiful gift.

update: Learn how to make stems for your flowers


– 1 square sheet of paper
– pipe cleaner for stem (optional)
– floral stem wrap tape (optional)

4 thoughts on “Lily / Iris

  1. Hi there, my name’s Rachna. I’m just 10 years old. My talent is just origami. I love to learn any kind of origami. Intermediate, easy, hard, I can learn any kind. Well, I always wanted to know your name. So, what’s your name?

  2. Hello Rachna, just wanted to tell you that it is really unsafe for you to mention your name online, since it could lead to cyber hacking, bullying, etc. So just be careful even if it means you are 16 years old and you are elder to me! Thanks, a girl who is concerned;)

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