5 Petal Cherry Blossom (kirigami)

This instructional video shows you how to make an origami cherry blossom. Some people call this kirigami since cutting is involved; however, originally ancient origami didn’t distinguish between folds that required cutting and those that didn’t – so both are correct. I have made a video for a cherry blossom that does not require cuts; however this one is nice because it’s pretty simple and it has 5 petals like a true cherry blossom (the other version only has 4 petals). Once you’ve made a few of these flowers, check out this video to learn how to make some stems for them.


– 1 square sheet of paper
– 1 pair of scissors
pipe cleaners and floral tape (optional for making stems)

5 thoughts on “5 Petal Cherry Blossom (kirigami)

  1. Yeah, you see I made a cherry blossom for my cousin and she said the cherry blossom had 5 petals so thanks for this video! : )

    • that's pretty sharp of your cousin to know that cherry blossoms have 5 petals. glad you liked this video 😉

  2. Just made one, not as perfect as yours eh eh but guess that with time it will get better, thank you and keep up the good and useful work!

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