Infinite Flipper (cut-n-paste)

This instructional video shows you how to make an “infinite flipper” similar to the one I made a couple weeks ago; however, this one uses only 4 sheets of paper, and cutting and gluing is involved. This flipper makes a fun paper toy. It could also be used as a greeting card, event invitation or even a business card.


– 4 square sheets of paper
– scissors / box cutter
– glue

4 thoughts on “Infinite Flipper (cut-n-paste)

  1. i'd say that this flipper is half worse and half better. it's better because you only need 4 squares to make this. on the other hand, it's worse because it's thinner and you need to be careful. unlike the flipper that involves 24 squares, it's thicker and you can go faster with it.

  2. you could use card stock (thicker paper) for this flipper, but I agree with you – it's good and bad at the same time.

  3. I like it only because u need 4 squares but my only problem is that I don't even have glue but at least I have tape and sticky rice.

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