This origami video shows you how to make a traditional origami frog from the frog base. This frog actually hops if you make it correctly and can be used as a fun toy for kids; however, it’s a little tricky to fold so young children might need someone else to make it for them.


– 1 square sheet of paper

6 thoughts on “Frog

  1. If you add toothpicks and stick 'em in the frog's face it looks like their holding a gun and you could have supporting infantry for your tanks or you could have seamen for your boats.

  2. Does it really matter what size your frog is????? Can it be big, cause if it was, than I would make it slightly bigger than a normal square from printer paper.

    • josey4628 May 7, 2011 at 6:13 pm - Reply Author

      You can definitely use a bigger square, and it'll work. If the paper gets too big, I'm not sure how well it'll hop because it starts to get heavy, but it'll still look like a frog.

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