Christmas Tree

This origami video shows you how to make a Christmas tree which you can very easily turn into a Christmas tree ornament – that’s right… a Christmas tree Christmas tree ornament. Essentially this is just a pine tree so I suppose you could soak it in your favorite perfume / cologne and use it as a car air freshener.


– 1 square sheet of paper (2 sheets of different color optional)
– 1 paper clip (optional)
– pliers to bend paper clip (optional)

7 thoughts on “Christmas Tree

    • a 3D tree is a good idea. I know how to make some 3D trees by cutting paper but not from just folding… I'll look into it.

  1. Pretty cool…..I think that it might be possible to make a 3D tree just by making a duplicate one and putting them together? I don't know, but that might work.

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