Bar Envelope

This origami video shows you how to make an envelope from a rectangular sheet of paper – no tape, glue or staples needed. This is one of my favorite folds. I use it a ton for giving cards (or gift cards)… of course if you use this envelope, you’ll probably need to make a custom card, but that’s simple enough, right?


– 1 rectangular sheet of paper (copy paper, printer paper, office paper, 8.5×11, A4)
— you can use a square sheet of paper, but it will make the envelope much thinner

8 thoughts on “Bar Envelope

  1. i made this and it is really nice:)really enjoyed the video.i was wondering whether you can really post something in it…..

  2. Okay, I LOVE this! We had a school project a couple months ago where we had to make little trading cards based on a scientific theme; I put the cards in this envelope and my teacher was, like, amazed!!! Total bonus for creativity, haha! Thanks so much for posting this! :D

  3. Thanks so much!! Used it for my bros birthday, followed by the gift I got him, which was soap he already had in the! And using it for my birthday party invitations!! Haha! Great to use!! I luv this envelope tutorial! Thx so much for posting!!!

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