8 Point Star (Sun & Moon)

This origami video shows you how to make a star with 8 points – but it’s much cooler than that… This modular origami actually transforms. It starts out as a octagonal ring shape (the full moon) and then you slide pieces until you have a 8 point star (the sun). This is one of the first origami folds that I discovered and it really blew my mind. I didn’t learn how to make it until nearly 20 years after I first saw it.


– 1 square sheets of paper (card stock works nicely)

5 thoughts on “8 Point Star (Sun & Moon)

  1. I made this a few days before I found this website and I just learned it could do this! I made it for my dad and I think he'll love it.

    • cool. I've never met anyone who didn't think these were the neatest things the first time they saw them… myself included!

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