6 Petal Lotus

This video shows you how to make an origami lotus flower out of six separate sheets of paper. My sheets are 4x7cm but you can use any size proportional to those dimensions (yes, origami and math go hand in hand). There are a couple ways to make a lotus out of just one sheet of paper, but I think this fold is a little easier and looks better because you can make the petals and leaves different colors.


– 3 pieces of paper proportional to 4 x 7 cm (pick color for petals)
– 3 pieces of paper proportional to 4 x 7 cm (pick color for leaves)
– something to bind paper together: rubber band, string, pipe cleaner, etc…

13 thoughts on “6 Petal Lotus

  1. this is such a nice flower, but it is not "traditional" origami. origami is just paperfolding, no cuts, no glue, and no other materials.

    but i love the way the final result looks. very stunning.

  2. I really love your 6 petal Lotus. I've seen one like it on Etsy. These were selling for $15.00! I was amazed! I didn't know you could make money off folding. But, now I see you can.

    I made one and gave it to a girl at the office. She was thrilled to no end! Not everyone can "wrap" their mind around doing Origami OR they aren't interested OR can't visualize well.Such fun it is! All out of one piece of paper or maybe few more sheets of paper. It's great to know I don't always have to always go out to pick up a small box to put a gift in. I can make one now thanks to you. Or I can alway give a gift by making a 6 petal lotus or the other many things you've taken the time to teach us!

    People seem fascinated with things made out of paper! So, am I!



    • josey4628 March 20, 2011 at 2:16 pm - Reply Author

      Thanks for sharing, Patti. I've thought of trying to sell some of my creations before, but I'm just too busy (or lazy… take your pick). It really recharges my batteries to hear stories of appreciation from my visitors!

    • josey4628 March 22, 2012 at 9:12 pm - Reply Author

      I used some fancy origami paper, but you can use any paper as long as they're the proper proportions… see above for dimensions.

        • Yeah, cardstock would be much harder because it\’s thick. If you made the sheets large enough, you might be able to do it… just cut them larger with the same proportions.

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